Jerome Martin is a talent agent to the stars.
Tell us about your
background: Where
you were born and
raised and where
you attended school, etc.
I was Born in Jackson Mississippi.
I attended Jim Hill High
School and then Jackson
State University for 1 year.
After that I moved to Dallas
in the mid 80s to pursue a
career in modeling while
studying art appreciation at
the Art Institute.
While in Dallas I entered a
local talent agency and then
received my first full time position
as an agent. From there
I moved on to Page Parkes
Models, one of the top modeling
agencies in Dallas at the
time. Page Parkes Models
did not have a men’s division
and I was given the role of
launching the men’s division.
I discovered talent and sent
them around the world, many
of whom are staples in the
fashion industry today. The
department flourished and
developed into one of the best
men’s divisions in the country.
Page Parkes sent me from
Dallas to Miami. It was in
Miami where I represented
talent that would go on to get
involved in acting and from
that experience, I decided to
go to Hollywood.

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