Jessie Robinson, one of the many talented individuals featured in Jackson Expose’.
Check out his interview:

I was born in Yazoo County at
a little place called Benton,
Mississippi. I was born on the
28th of May, 1944, into a family
of fourteen children, seven
boys and seven girls. I’m the
thirteenth child, the seventh
son and I’m a baby boy of a
preacher’s son! I got all the bad
luck numbers! We grew up on a
farm until I was fifteen years old
when we moved to Jackson.
On the farm my father would
lease his land because he had so
many children. We didn’t have
anybody come and getting us
and taking us out of the house
to go and work for them.
My dad was a holiness preacher
and he always had something
on the side. He would sell
beef. He was a big paperwood
production person. He would
go out and buy wood and stuff
and he had all the equipment
and we would work to produce
the crop.
There was a lot of music around
us back then in those days. The
home that I grew up in you
would get up in the morning
and people were singing and
praying and playing guitar – that
was the kinda house that I grew
up in. I’m sure before then I was
tearing up strings and dragging
guitars about when I was two or
three years old.
We moved to Jackson in 1960. I
played in the church a long time
behind my father and travelled
around Mississippi, Tennessee,
and Memphis. At all times we
was playing blues but mother
and father and the religion that
they were into, we believed that
you weren’t supposed to play
blues in the house. Blues was
a way of life and still is. Those
blues are very important.
I got with some fellas at school
and finished high school and
started meeting people and I
started playing talent shows
down on Farish Street with Dorothy
Moore, Tommy Tate and
Sam Myers. It was a big thing; I
think it was on a Thursday night.
It was a big talent show where
everybody used to come from
all over to play the show.

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