Tell us how Abounding Grace got
Well my parents moved to
Jackson MS from Cleveland Ohio
to start a church before I was born. My
father was a passionate church planter
and preacher. My mom stood by his
side as they shared duties in a thriving
ministry. When my father passed away
my mom refused to sit still. She taught
Sunday school at a local church and did
some traveling doing public speaking at
women’s events. She eventually started
a prison ministry as she and a few ladies
would minster at various
facilities. In 1999 they
decided to start a home
bible study. Soon the living
room seemed to be too
small to hold the bible
study participants along
with their children. At that time my
older brother and his wife led an outreach
ministry here in the city but felt
a call to move to Atlanta GA to start a
church. He and his wife gave the keys to
their storefront building to my mother
encouraging her to carry on her passion
for fellowship and sharing the word of
God. That was the start of Abounding
Grace World Healing Church which was
known at that time as Grace and Mercy
Ministries. I accepted the appointment
as Senior Pastor of Abounding Grace
in 2006.
Since that time, how have you grown
your ministry?
In 2012 we moved to our present
location at 159 Fredrica Ave. Since
the move our church has grown
significantly. My father built church
attendance by doing tent revivals but . . .


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