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Why Should I Hire Smith Tax & Bookkeeping as My Bookkeeper Instead of a CPA?

I often get the question from potential clients on why they should hire me instead of Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

Most people honestly don’t the difference between a bookkeeper and a CPA.  Bookkeepers, we are the individuals who maintain your general ledger making sure that your accounts are balanced whether it is daily, weekly or monthly.  Accountants are considered more to be tax experts and provide their clients a higher level of insight to your business.

Many CPAs don’t understand your business and don’t really see their clients until they see them at tax time, which is once per year for most individuals or business owners. Your CPA doesn’t have time to catch your books up or reconcile all your accounts; they are only interested in doing the minimum to complete your taxes.

As a bookkeeper, it is my responsibility to my clients to make sure all their accounts are balanced to the penny. Your CPA is only concerned with your tax liability and how to help you minimize it. Therefore, you need a bookkeeper who can help you understand where all those pennies are going.

Having a bookkeeper allows for what I call a separation of duties or responsibility.  Your accountant is that fresh set of eyes to review your books at the end of the year, so that they can offer advice on how to allocate your resources and improve business performance.  If they were to do your books, there could be things they could miss that could be critical to your financial records. Therefore, it is best to hire a bookkeeper to help you keep your financials up to date and in order.

Hiring a bookkeeper can be a cost savings to you as individual or business, being CPAs can be relatively expensive especially during tax time. When you compare the hourly rates of bookkeepers and CPAs, the fees for CPAs are much higher. While they can do your books faster than you can that hourly rate adds up. Being a bookkeeper is labor intensive therefore it will cost you less while getting the same expertise.  Don’t give up on your CPA because most bookkeepers don’t do taxes and they can give your great advice on your businesses overall performance. Believe it or not most CPAs will recommend you have a bookkeeper to make their job easier during tax season.

The great part about my business is that I’m not only a bookkeeper but I also do taxes for individuals and businesses; I’m also a QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor. We recently added municipal administration as a service where we go in and assist local municipalities who need assistance in getting their financials in order or maintaining them for them monthly. If you’re looking for a bookkeeper who can take you into tax season contact us for your FREE consultation.

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